Custom Homes

For most, the ultimate dream is to find a few acres of land to build your dream house on and watch your kids grow up. Erb Construction is all about helping you build that dream house as well as understanding the importance of family. We know that in most cases your home is the biggest transaction of your life. So, we want it to be a great experience from start to finish.

We will work with you to put together your wants and needs within your budget. Once we gather those wants and needs, we will show you the latest products, materials, and local choices (we like to use all of the local suppliers to keep the work here in Boyertown) that best fit.

After we present that information to you, we will gather your feedback and make any changes necessary. Then, we will write up a contract with blueprints of the custom build so we can start once the required permits are issued. The more information you have prior to starting, the sooner we can get started and finish, so we can hand over the keys to your dream house.

If you're thinking of adding on, improving your home or building a new one consider ERB CONSTRUCTION INC.